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Magic Pest Control cautions against not budgeting for Pest Control

Rodent Control is Critical for your Family’s Health. The FDA just shut down a food warehouse shared by two food vendors. Apparently a company known as Gourmet Provisions LLC has been housing both their products and leasing space to a company known as Royal Cup, Inc.  Gourmet Provisions decided to stop paying for pest control.

Royal Cup claims they didn’t know.  As a result the warehouse became infested with rats and insects.  The FDA came in and shut them down.  According to the FDA the warehouse also had structural defects and unclean equipment.  The FDA described the rodent control problem as widespread.  Thankfully no illness has yet been reported in association with these conditions.

Gourmet Provisions provides Ice Cream products to local Virginia shop known as Matt’s Cones.  Royal Cup however manufactures their products in Alabama and stores completed products at the warehouse.  Royal Cup ships coffee throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Royal Cup claims that they didn’t know Gourmet Provisions had stopped paying for pest control.  The questions is: how much food was shipped out before the FDA inspected the warehouse?

It would seem intuitive that a warehouse manufacturing food would have pest control.  It seems intuitive that a coffee company storing their food would ensure that their property manager would have rodent control.  However, let’s be fair.  How often do Arizonans not budget for pest control?  If you’re ignoring your pest control, now is the time to realize the health hazard.  Call Magic Pest Control today for Arizona’s Best Pest Control. 480-654-5888.

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