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Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

It’s raining outside, and your Magic Pest Control exterminator is scheduled to come out today to get rid of those pesky scorpions and cockroaches.

It wasn’t even suppose to downpour like this today, and here you are, staring out the window at a storm that will no doubt drive even more pests like scorpions and spiders into your home!

Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

It’s frustrating, and while you love the rain and we’re finally getting some storms in the valley, you know that every scorpion in the neighborhood is rushing into your garage for shelter, and moving into your home for a dry, safe place full of food.

What do you do?

Well, we have two options here at Magic Pest Control that allow us to service our homeowners from Gilbert to Glendale, and everywhere in between:

1. If It’s Sprinkling: If it’s a light rain with no prediction of downpour within the next 48-hours, we’ll stick to our pest control schedule, come to your home, and make sure those scorpions and pests don’t move int because it’s wet outside. Rains can easily drive pests into your home for shelter, and it’s our job to keep them out…even during monsoon season.

So, if there’s a light sprinkle we will still come out to your home, spray the treatment, dust the brick walls (so important), and (more importantly during rains) lay out the granules that will actually become activated and more potent once touched by that light rain.

2.If It’s Pouring: If the rain is coming down is sheets, there is no reason to spray or dust or lay out granules that are just going to be washed away by the storm.

If it’s pouring outside, we’ll call you to reschedule your appointment.

No rain, or dust storm, or monsoon, can keep us from getting pests out of your home!

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