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Magic Pest Control Gilbert Az has served residents of Gilbert for over 30 years.  If you’ve ever wondered why companies brag about their years of service it’s because it’s a direct reflection of how dependable they are.  Think about it.  If a company is always late for visits they’re not dependable and people stop using their company.  If a company doesn’t effectively do what you pay them to do people talk and that company stops getting business.  If a company does anything shady it means less business for that company once the word gets out.  Being undependable in service, effectiveness, or integrity may sometimes benefit a company in the short term.  But there is no longevity to it.  On the other hand, dependable service takes time and consistent integrity to build.  The reputation of a company like Magic Pest Control of Gilbert, AZ isn’t going to be built over night.   You can rely on us to provide quality, professional, dependable service. Guaranteed!  For the best pest control in Gilbert, AZ  you should be thinking about a company that has lived here just like you.  Here are a list of services we are happy to perform for your pest control needs.

Inside your home we’re looking at these types of techniques for pest control:

  • We offer a 30 day Guarantee on our pest control services
  • Service for individual apartment units
  • Pressure injection of insect flushing agent
  • Pest Control concentrating on specific areas where insects congregate.
  • Integrative cleaning specific to insect habits in order to deter insects

On the outside we’re looking for these types of  services to be instrumental:

  • That same great 30 day service guarantee..
  • Power spray around the exterior of the building
  • Baiting crickets, ants, and others you might have a specific problem with.
  • Granulation of high moisture areas and trash areas
  • We pay close attention to sprinkler/water boxes
  • And of course all perimeter walls get our  power spray
  • Another thing we watch for that are sewer and storm drains

If you’re managing an apartment complex, or just want your personal home or condo sprayed call Magic Pest Control.  Our monthly service on the exterior of a community includes the exterior of the grounds plus all common areas including clubhouses, offices, laundry rooms and maintenance rooms, plus the entire base area of structures.  No matter what your property is, we’re equipped to offer you the best pest control  in Gilbert, AZ.

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