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3 reasons to call the Exterminator Now

Often a person doesn’t know when to call an exterminator.  For example, they see a cockroach and they step on it.  Then they have to wonder do I still need an exterminator or did I get the one bachelor roach that just left me neighbors.  Then everyone hears the old adage with the random numbers.  Oh, if you see a cockroach it means there are 237 other roaches sitting in the wall that you can’t see.

Well, the concept behind this random assignment of numbers is basically true.  Today we’re going to point out 3 instances when you should call the exterminator ASAP.  And of course when that time hits reach out to Magic Pest Control  for ‘pest control chandler’.

Pest Control Chandler Reason #1

You find bugs in more rooms than one. It is essentially true, one means there are many.  Two means you have a problem.  Often bugs show up attracted to food or running from the cold.  The presence of one means your house is an environment bugs find suitable.   That’s a problem because it means there likely are bugs you don’t see.  More importantly it means there are more bugs on their way to move in.  A big part of what an exterminator does is change the environment.  Home sealing, regular spraying, and identifying decaying areas are an important aspect of their training.

Pest Control Chandler Reason #2

You or your family have red spots that itch and appear to have come from no where. These are bugs eating and pinching your loved ones.  They crawl in at night.  Most bugs are either nocturnal or they only like to move about when the coast is clear.  If you’re getting bug bites at night these critters aren’t going to stop.  You need to call for help before the problem continues.

Pest Control Chandler Reason #3

You’re finding holes in clothes or curtains. These are often subtle, but we’ve all seen them at one point.  We find a hole in a t-shirt that we just don’t remember how it got there.  We decide the clothes are just getting old.  We just wear something else or save it as a painting/yard work shirt.  Careful, this is a likely signs of a bug infestation.  It is a little bit harder to notice this sign.  However, if you do, do not ignore it.

There are other signs of bugs and other reasons to get pest control Chandler.  Regular spraying helps ensure that your domicile remains a safe haven.  A safe haven for you and your family.  Not for bugs.  It is recommended for everyone to have regular pest control maintenance scheduled. So next time you wonder if regular pest control is necessary consider a schedule.  Consider that the only way to be safe is to be consistent in your care.

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