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All Natural Pest Control

When it comes to your home you want to keep it as safe as possible for your family. So, when it comes to doing pest control to keep those pest out you may be a little hesitant when it comes to using pesticides filled with different chemicals.

Sometimes many pesticides can be more harmful to you and your family then they are to the actual pest. There are some organic pesticides that you can buy, but those still contain some small amounts of harmful chemicals

If you want to still keep those annoying pest out of your house, you can try using these all natural DIY methods, that will keep you, your family, and your home safe.

  • If you have ants, you can start by trying and filling a small spray bottle with soapy water. Using mint is also a great way to keep ants out of your home. Try leaving mint tea bags in the area where the ants are most active. You may love cucumbers, however ants do not. leave either slices of cucumber or cucumber peels near the entry point of the ants.
  • If you have cockroaches, the first and best way to keep them away is by keeping your kitchen and bathrooms clean. If you still have a problem with cockroaches you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth along the bases of your cabinets, as well as inside and behind your appliances. Again, have that spray bottle with soapy water handy because spraying the soapy water directly on the roaches will kill them.
  • If mosquitos are hanging around your house, the most important thing to do first, is try and eliminate any areas of sitting water. Mosquitoes do not like sage or rosemary, so try burning a small amount coals that you grill with and sprinkle some of these herbs on top.

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