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Must Have Holiday Termite Inspection

Must Have Holiday Termite Inspection

Termites are one of the most costly and difficult problems one can experience as a property proprietor. A huge amount of money is spent every year on termite treatment, inspection, and prevention.

Even in the experience of these rising expenses, property owners can take preventative measures to make sure their termite treatment expenses remain at a reasonable level…

Homeowners do have options to decrease these expenses. The inspection for termites is a perfect option for the property proprietor who wants to take a proactive approach to termite treatment. This measure, if done regularly, can help decrease termite treatment expenses eventually and stop extensive pest harm to your house.


An inspection for termites serves many purposes.

Frequent pest inspections can help alleviate problems with future problems, determine the size and severity of a present attack and recognize what, if any, pest harm may already be existing.

The first step in an inspection for termites is to look for symptoms of harmful termites in and around your home. Termite pipes are the most common symptoms of a present pest attack, although other symptoms may be existing depending harmful termites have been eating away.

Also known as mud pipes, termite pipes are tiny trails that run up the indoor and outdoor of the home. The composition of these pipes is termite saliva and partially digested wood from the colony, along with other organic material that may be existing.

Just because harmful termites are subterranean insects doesn’t mean there won’t be symptoms of them above ground. It is important to do a thorough check of your house, both outdoors and indoors when inspecting for harmful termites. The information below will help you recognize where you should look to make sure you perform the most detailed inspection possible.

In general, the inspection for termites is commissioned for two significant factors.

Firstly it might be because one believes that the exact residence might have an attack of harmful termites.

Secondly, it might be because rentals are being put up the sale and the prospective new proprietor has initiated a full house inspection.

If it is the property proprietor that initiates the inspection for termites, then the examination might be more targeted and the inspection might relate to a specific area of the exact residence. Whereas with the home transaction, the inspection is likely to be wide-ranging and the report could examine all vulnerable areas of your home.

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