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Monsoon Season Gilbert Brings Out the Scorpions

Monsoon Season Gilbert Brings Out the Scorpions

Monsoon season doesn’t just bring termites in seek of rotting wood. Monsoon season also brings out the cockroaches and the scorpions, all seeking food and shelter. Many of these Arizona pests actually love monsoon season!

Scorpions are on the hunt. They’re looking for dry shelter, but they’re also looking for food. And, since the rain brings out the cockroaches, scorpions are not far behind.

As insects make their way out to find shelter from the rain and flooding of their little homes, scorpions make their way out to eat.

You’ll want to seal up your home this time of year not only from the heat and rain, but also from the scorpions and other summertime monsoon pests.

Anything that lives underground in Gilbert, Arizona and throughout the desert, will come out big time when it rains. And, since we’ve seen a lot of rain recently, scorpions are already out and seeking food and new shelter. You’re not the only one who loves to be indoors during a haboob and torrential downpour.

To keep scorpions out, residents should do something called “exclusion,” such as the following preventative actions:

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors, including garage doors that don’t close all the way, to keep scorpions out
  • Seal gaps in windows, thresholds and other places that could allow a scorpion to gain entrance to the home
  • Remove debris and clutter from around the exterior of the home, including piles of firewood, yard supplies, vegetation growing close to the house and anything else that would provide a hiding spot and hunting ground for a scorpion

If that doesn’t do the trick, and scorpions are still entering your Gilbert home during monsoon downpours, call us immediately!

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