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Monsoon Season Brings the Bugs, and Termites

Monsoon Season Brings the Bugs, and Termites

Mosquitoes. Worms. Termites. What do they all have in common? These are just a few of the pests that love this rainy weather. Monsoon season brings out all sorts of Arizona pests, all seeking food and shelter in your home…

Especially termites!

Right now, termites are on the prowl. They are highly active. They are eating like crazy. And they are destroying someone’s home.

Termites excel in this kind of weather: damp, moist, soft wood and even softer dirt.

After the rain has fallen, what termites signs should you be looking for in your Gilbert home? How do you know if termites have invaded your Gilbert home during this stormy weather?

Look for these symptoms of a termite infestation…

Subterranean termites eat decaying wood matter in the ground, but they also can create mud channels up from the ground and onto the exposed wood on your house, and move on from there.

Although these insects are most commonly known to feast on wood, their appetites don’t end there; termites will also attack metal, sheetrock, furniture and even food storage.

  • Termite Mulch: Termites leave behind a trail of their destruction. It’s a small trail, but if you notice wood powder or even small wings near that wood powder, you probably have termites. As soon as the rain ceases, you’ll want to be on the lookout for this sign of a termite infestation.
  • Mud Tubes: This is the most common sign of a termite infestation in your Gilbert home, but it’s also a sign that termites have been on the move for a while. They’re in your house…in the walls of your home, at this point. Mud tubes are small highways, perfectly constructed to allow the termites to travel unharmed.
  • Wood Chipping or Paint Chipping: This time of year, you might notice water spots on the ceiling thanks to all the rain. That water spot is calling termites. Any wood that is rotting, or has started to soften due to the monsoon rain, will be like candy to termites. If you have any rotting wood or paint chipping away, take a deeper look.

Monsoon season is termite season. They love to dig into your Gilbert homes when the ground is soft and moist, and the wood is covered with rain water.

If anyone in your neighborhood has had termites, or if you see any signs of a termite infestation at your Gilbert home, don’t wait to call us. Don’t handle the termites on your own. You need professional termite treatment with the right chemicals and the right experts.

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