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Magic Pest Control Offers Free Termite Inspection to Mesa Residents

Magic Pest Control wants to be your Mesa Termite Control company so much they’re making things Free. You may receive a free termite inspection just by calling them. There’s no catch.

Have you ever moved into a new home and wondered what pest problems you’re going to have.  Perhaps you’ll need rodent control.  Maybe you’ll have bird control problems.  A friend of mine has snakes in west phoenix.  Another friend of mine has scorpions in Mesa.  You look at the new house all made of wood and you wonder about termites.  Perhaps you notice wood stacked too close to the new house.  Or you see plants growing right next to the house.  Maybe you have termites and you don’t even know.  You want to call a professional to take a look.  However, you don’t want to throw away money on a fear or a gamble.  What if the house is fine and there would have been no bugs whether you call or not.  Well, it’s highly unlikely that there are no bugs if you haven’t had the home sprayed.  However, even if you have had the home sprayed that won’t deter the termites.  Termites can smell insecticide a mile a way and they just work around it.  You need Top Mesa Termite Control….maybe.   Then again, maybe you don’t.

The agony of the decision to gamble with your money is never a pleasant one.  You don’t want buyers remorse.  Paying for a termite inspection would give you piece of mind.  But not paying for it would save that money.  What if you called, had the termite inspector come out, paid them, and then found out you had no termites.  You’re paying for your piece of mind.  But, at the same time, you realize you could have done nothing and had the same result (minus the piece).

Magic Pest Control wants to make this an easier decision.  They want to offer the inspection for free.  that’s right, you don’t have to pay for the truck to come out.  They’re going to inspect your home for termites and not charge you.  Then if you need termite control they can spray for the little buggers with a special termiticide for a reasonable price.  It’s a special spray because it’s undetected by the termites.  That means they won’t simply work around it.   Rather they’ll eat and spread it to the rest of the colony.

If you live in Mesa and would like a free Mesa termite control inspection call today at (480)654-5888.  And remember that any service you purchase during Breast Cancer Awareness month benefits Susan G Komen for The Cure.

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