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If ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitos, spiders, scorpions, or termites are bothering you in the Mesa, Arizona area, call Magic Pest Control! We are a local pest control business that has operated locally in the southern Arizona area for over 34 years.
We set out in 1993 with one simple mission: to provide 100% safe, efficient, and top-quality pest removal services for our customers that will get them the most value for their dollar.
Because our philosophy is a success with our customers, we are blessed to become one of the fastest-growing termite and pest control companies in all of Arizona.
We take our position as a local industry leader very seriously and have a passion for improving customer experience and leaving every job with a smile of relief on their face.

Arizona’s climate is the perfect breeding ground for pests to wreak havoc on our community. Mesa scorpion control, termite and rodent control have been major issues as their pest populations continue to explode across the region. 

We always advise our customers to take preventative steps to stop pest infestations before they get out of control. As a building or homeowner, you must remain vigilant and spot the signs early before the pests breed and spiral out of control.
If you are worried about the pests and live in the Mesa area, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with calling the professionals. You will want to call Magic Pest Control at (480) 418-6809 and stop a pest problem before it starts.

No one else has the experience and expertise to match us in the Mesa area, which has brought us many satisfied customer testimonials over the years.

We are a family establishment first and foremost and like our customers to feel like they are family too!

Mesa Weed Control

Pricing: $125 and up. Price based on Square Footage. Phone Estimates Available.

Reliable and Punctual Service you can trust!

Where we help to keep your property weed-free!

Our specialty is weed prevention in any landscape, which means that we can kill all existing weeds and prevent future problems for any landscape in the Mesa area.

When it comes to weed control, the first step of the process is identification.  Make the process easier and call Magic’s certified weed control professional, to take care of your property and determine the best course of action for ridding the area of weeds.

We offer free estimates and are available to answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to call!

Magic’s Residential Weed Control Services: Landscaping for an Arizona home is a never ending project, especially in regards to the abundance of weeds which thrive in a desert climate.  Magic’s Weed Control can help make the homeowner’s job easier by using pre-emergent herbicides as well as followup post-emergent herbicides to keep the yard weed free.

Mesa Scorpion Control

Call for details. Ask Us About Averzion Scorpion Prevention!

Exterminating scorpions in Mesa, Arizona involves a great knowledge of the creatures instincts and natural habitat. Magic Pest Control specialists are trained in all aspects of scorpion behavior and Arizona scorpion control technique used to infiltrate, exterminate and control scorpion nests and their food source. We also offer delta dust for scorpion control! 

With a Angie’s List rating of A+, we are proud to offer only the best pest control options in Arizona. Magic Pest Control offers two of the most effective scorpion control techniques used to eradicate and dismantle the scorpion sense of environment and food source:

Mesa Rodent Control

Rats and mice have increasingly adapted to DIY infestation solutions over the years. Gone are the days of picking up a few simple traps, setting them up, and calling it a day.
Rodents are have grown increasingly comfortable around humans and have developed ways to detect typical poisons and will chew their way through some of the common forms of rodent traps.

The rate at which rodents can multiply also means that removing a few of them will stop the infestation from snowballing out of control once they become settled and comfortable.

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from the health hazards that rodents bring with them.
They leave droppings that contain hazardous bacteria or viruses, and their nesting and eating will spread around germs and parasites that are happy to hitch a ride on a rodent.
A few tips that you can arm yourself with against rodents would be:
Our Mesa Rat Control technicians are standing by to help you with prevention and extermination. We are just one phone call away and can relieve the stress of suspecting or finding a rodent infestation.

Mesa Termite Control

Termites can live in colonies of almost two million members, with as many as 12 colonies living in one square acre.
Perhaps more than any other pests, termites demand constant vigilance from structures and homeowners to prevent them from inflicting massive structural and financial damage to humans.
We recommend every building owner in Arizona gets at least two termite inspections per year, with that number increasing based on your area. Termites are serious business.
These pests can remain undetected for so long thanks to their location, which allows them to breed uncontrollably to the point where they can consume or infest large parts of structures.
Termites are so dangerous because they are so hard to detect, and the signs are very subtle.
If you had or been near an area that has had termite problems in the past, you are at a much higher risk of developing another infestation in the future.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us and schedule a visit with our talented team of termite technicians.

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