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Do you need pest control in the winter?  Often times we assume that we don’t need pest control in the winter.  People make this assumption because they see that many local pests go into hibernation in the winter.  Sadly, there are active pests every season and a constant need for Mesa AZ pest control.

The first things to realize is that Mesa is a hot climate.  Our winter bugs are other places summer bugs.  This means that we’re more likely than most places to have pests in the winter. The one thing winter does do: it drives pests indoors.  Animals think about food, water, and shelter.  If it’s cold, they seek refuge indoors.  So don’t be surprised to see more pests infiltrating your home this cold season.  Especially Spiders.

The best thing you can do is become an inhospitable host.  Don’t leave food and water out for them.  Make sure you put away all food after use and sanitize your counter and table spaces.  General cleanliness can go a long way.  The reverse of that is to attract bugs by leaving food out.  The subsequent result is exponential growth of the insect population.  Most insects reproduce rather quickly.  Further, spiders and other predator bugs will go to where their food source goes.  spiders follow other pests into your home.  As most pests seek shelter from the cold so do the spiders.   But the added food gives them an extra reason to be in your home.

The best thing you can do to prevent this type of infestation is to 1) get pest control and 2) get your home sealed.  Home sealing is a laborious process of sealing the cracks around the outside of the home with caulk.  Then follow up with proper pesticide inside and outside of the home.  Winter is not the time to assume you don’t need regular pest control treatment.

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