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Magic Pest Control Now Offering Averzion!

Tired of dealing with those pesky scorpions? 🦂
Magic Pest Control is now offering Averzion!
✔️Create A Physical Barrier!
AVERZION creates a barrier that is too smooth and slick for scorpions to climb or attach. It is a tile-like glaze that dries clear and is glass-like. Dries to the touch in 2 hours and fully cured in 72 hours.
AVERZION is one-time pesticide-free application. It is a physical barrier meant to prevent or reduce entry into a structure. AVERZION will not kill pests, but it will keep them out of structures and away from people and pets.
AVERZION keeps scorpions out of homes and structures. It will also keep scorpions in pesticide treated areas longer.
✔️One-Time Application
AVERZION is a one-time application!

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