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Keep Mosquitos At Bay Conveniently with 4 Helpful Strategies

Keep Mosquitos At Bay Conveniently with 4 Helpful Strategies

Because of the Zika virus that is taking the U.S. by storm, mosquitos are on everyone’s minds.

Here in Arizona, we’ve seen resurgence, of sorts, of mosquitoes…and it worries us, all of us.

There is little worse than having your Gilbert, AZ yard full of mosquitos –except for having the pests all over your house, too.

Mosquitos are really annoying outside, but at least when you head out you can put on bug spray to keep them away from you.

If mosquitos get inside, though, it’s uncomfortable for everyone.

Keep Mosquitos At Bay Conveniently with 4 Helpful Strategies

You can’t wear bug spray all the time. In that case, it’s time for pest control to take over.

You can do your own pest control for mosquito prevention at home. Just use these 4 strategies:

Place Lavender near Access Points

Humans love lavender and often wear it in perfumes or use lavender scented products. Add lavender scents to everything you can during the mosquito season because mosquitos hate the smell of it.

To really protect your home, place a small lavender scented candle or glass with lavender oil in it near windows and doors.

Mosquitos will be repulsed and stay far away.

Plant Flowers and Vegetation that Mosquitos Hate

You can also just plant lavender in your yard. Other types of plants to add to your gardens in order to keep mosquitos away include:






Plants like these add attractive vegetation to your yard and subtly ward off mosquitos with their natural odors (which, of course, are pleasant to people.)

Get Rid of Standing Water

You might have noticed that there are more mosquitos around when it rains. Mosquitos love damp areas. If they can find standing water, they will be glad to settle there.

Ponds, puddles, rain collection bins, and even spots where water pool near leaky faucets can all attract the annoying insects.

Cover any standing water during mosquito season or place it far from your home or parts of the yard that you like to spend time in.

Use Fire to Keep Them Away

Smoke naturally puts mosquitos off. Setting some scented items on fire can enhance that quality majorly.

If you want mosquitoes to leave you and your Gilbert, AZ home alone, try lighting citronella candles.

Or, throw rosemary on the grill for a natural form of pest control.

If you’re still having trouble with mosquitoes, or any other pests, around your home, don’t hesitate to call the pest control professionals here at Magic Pest Control.

Mosquitos are quickly becoming a pest that you definitely do not want around your home, your pets and your family.

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