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Join us on January 29th!

Every once in a while, a news story catches your eye. Maybe you’re cooking dinner and you hear something about a child, or a parent, or politics, or a pet…and you pay attention. You don’t know the person, or the situation, but it touches you…

Let this be one of those stories…

At Magic Pest Control, we are a family. In fact, we have been family owned and operated for nearly 35 years. Fathers, sons, moms, brothers and sisters have, and currently, stand side-by-side to keep Magic Pest a growing community business…a business that helps those in need, provides untouchable services, and remains strong through good times and bad.

Well, we are experiencing the bad right now.

You might have heard that a Magic Pest family member, two of them actually, were in a horrible car accident while serving you, our family of customers. A wrong-way driver on the freeway ran head-on into our truck, with our family inside, and changed our lives forever.

Today, about a month later, we are still strong, still resilient, and still serving, but we do it as our family recovers and stands bedside at the hospital.

We ask for your prayers, but we also ask for your time…


On January 29th, at 8am, we will be holding a pancake breakfast at New Mexican Grill on Lindsay and Pecos. We’d be honored if you could join us to support the Magic Pest family!

Thank you!

Nelson Ruis

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