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Inspect Your Home’s Exterior Elements to Prevent Termites


Inspect Your Home’s Exterior Elements to Prevent Termites

One of the tricky aspects of termite control is managing the exterior conditions of the home to prevent infestations from carrying over into your home’s interior. A reputable Gilbert, Arizona termite control company can walk you through this process, inspecting both the interior and exterior to give you some clues on what you can do differently in both areas to discourage these bugs from taking up residence in your home.

It is important to focus on the exterior of your home because that’s where the problem really begins. The moisture in ground soil attracts termites, so once they show up, they will take any opportunity to move right from the soil in the ground into your home. For instance, if you spread mulch in your yard for landscaping purposes, avoid allowing it to touch the foundation of your home. Termites can use this opportunity to infiltrate your home’s foundation, finding the smallest of cracks and crevices to come right in. Siding is another way in, so don’t allow that to connect with the soil either. These are things your Gilbert, Arizona termite inspection will cover and the company will pinpoint so that you can successfully manage this issue.

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