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Hungry Termites Consumed One Girl’s Entire Book Collection | Termite Control

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Hungry Termites Consumed One Girl’s Entire Book Collection | Termite Control

Typically, insects are not interested in eating paper materials, as paper is lacking in many essential nutrients. However, there are a few exceptions within the insect community, and termites are certainly one of them. Drywood termites are found infesting books and bookshelves far more often than you may think. In fact, many people have never heard of this form of destructive termite activity, but termites love the cellulose in paper just as much as they love the cellulose in wood. In the past, drywood termite infestations within books have occurred in several libraries and museums around the world. Subterranean termites do not pose a significant threat to books since they must regularly expose themselves to groundsoil in order to survive. Drywood termites, on the other hand, can live their entire lives within a book, or a collection of books, without ever leaving. The cellulose in a book’s paper provides drywood termites with all of the nourishment that they require. These types of infestations have been documented in the past, and they can continue uninterrupted for years before their presence becomes known to humans. Since subterranean termites forage beneath the ground’s surface, books that are stored within basements can be vulnerable to their attacks.

Termite infestations within books usually go unnoticed until  they move on to damaging other objects nearby, such as wood shelving. One girl has recently lost most of her book collection to ravenous termites. More than eighty of Dorcas Aguayo’s books became ravaged by termites, and she does not know how or when the termites gained access to her home. Aguayo posted pictures of the termite-ravaged books on Facebook, where they can still be seen. The caption below one of her photos claimed that the termites had destroyed seventy percent of her library. The books were very dear to Aguayo, as she had spent her life reading them repeatedly as a source of comfort and happiness. Unfortunately, the books also brought happiness to termites.

Have you ever wondered if a termite infestation was present within your home despite not noticing any clear signs of their activity?


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