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Does Humidity Make Termites More Active – Arizona Pest Control 101

Monsoon season in Arizona is termite season in Arizona. This is a termite’s Christmas, in July.

Humidity in the air means moisture in the ground, which termites love.

Here’s the thing, most of the year, our soil is like clay. It’s hard. It’s dry. It’s difficult to dig through for us, let alone termites.

Right now, during monsoon season, all of that changes. Water sits and seeps into the dirt, making it soft and moist.

Water comes down in torrential downpours, making the soil easier to dig through.

Humidity and moisture in the air also can damage your home. If you have any rotting wood in your home or around the trim outside, it’s like a beacon for termites. That rotting wood will call to them, and the humidity in the air will only add to the damaged wood.

So, how do you prevent termites from invading your home during monsoon season, when the air is humid and termites are fully active?

  • Get firewood, pallets, or any debris away from the side of your home. Nothing should be touching your house, including patio furniture. All shrubs and trees should also be trimmed away from your home.
  • Check for rotting wood anywhere, particularly around the trim of your home. Any peeling paint along your home’s trim could be a sign of not only rotting wood, but termites. Get that rotting would fixed as soon as you can.
  • Before monsoon season starts is a great time to put a fresh coat of paint on your house, patio furniture, shutters, door or trim. A fresh coat of paint is a simple, affordable and effective way to keep termites away.

If you think that you might have termites in your Gilbert, Arizona home, don’t wait to call in the experts. Call now!

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