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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

A Giant Hairy Scorpion native to Arizona climbing on a cactus.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Getting totally rid of scorpions can be somewhat challenging without professional scorpion control, but there are several techniques that you can try on your own. Scorpions are common in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas because they thrive in the dry warm climate. They tend to stay in dark spaces during the day to avoid sunlight, but during the evening you might find them in your home. They pose a threat because of their stings, and in general they are a pest that you don’t want around. If you’ve been seeing scorpions in your home, try these few steps below before calling scorpion control.

Get Rid of Moisture Around and Inside of Your Home

Scorpions are attracted to moisture, and one effective scorpion control method is to get rid of excess moisture around and inside of your home, and keep any entryways into your home sealed up. Keep your floors and the dark spaces in your home free of moisture. Don’t allow standing water to accumulate around your home, and clean up any water or drink spills quickly.

Get Rid of Other Pests

One of the best scorpion control methods is to keep other insects out of your Phoenix, AZ home. Scorpions feed on other insects, and when you have other pests in your home you are much more likely to have scorpions. Use whatever methods that you need in order to keep insects out. You might need to spray your home or use natural bug repellants or safe pesticides like borax. Whatever method you use, it will be helpful for scorpion control, and if you eliminate their food source they are much less likely to gather in your home.

Call Scorpion Control If You Don’t Get Results Quickly

If all else fails, be sure to call scorpion control sooner rather than later. You don’t want to deal with a scorpion infestation that might take several visits from scorpion control to deal with. A professional scorpion control company like Magic Pest has the pest control techniques to be able to manage your scorpion problem quickly and efficiently. It will also often take much less time for us to deal with the problem compared to your own efforts.

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