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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants?

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Dealing with fire ants problems can be frustrating if you are new to homeownership because they are known for painful stings. Putting one step near the fire ant colony can result in dozens of fire ants aggressively attacking you, leaving multiple stings.

We have curated different ways to get rid of fire ants from your garden. But for this, you need to understand the dangers of fire ants.

The dangers of fire ants:

As we all know, fire ants can cause painful stings. When an anthill is disturbed, these ants will become aggressive and attack the victim. They can sting the legs, hands, and feet of the victim by stinging aggressively.

These stings can leave behind powerful and itchy blisters on the top of the skin. These sores are painful and can last up to a week. These infections can have serious health issues if some of them are allergic to ant bites.

Signs of an allergy may include:

  • breathing trouble
  • swollen throat
  • low blood pressure
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Immediately seek medical help if you are allergic to ant bites.

How to prevent fire ants from your yard?

Not only fire ants but, if you are having ant infestation of any ant species, you must ensure to eliminate the food sources inside and outside your house. Apart from food sources, remove the water supply from your yard as ants also need water to survive.

Remember to follow the below instructions properly to keep the fire ants at bay:

  • Trim the trees and shrubs around your garden.
  • Do not stack the trash bin with food sources. Throw them regularly and keep them away from your home.
  • Remove ripe fruits from the trees and take off any fallen fruits away from the garden.

Eliminate a fire ant infestation:

If fire ants have made their way to your garden, there are possible chances that they might enter your home. Your prime focus should be on the elimination of these pests from your garden. Also, make sure to take all the precautions while attempting to get rid of fire ants as they might sting you. Leave this job to be done by professional pest control experts.

If you are looking to try some DIY methods for the removal of the fire ants, let’s look at the different DIY treatments:

  • Diatomaceous Earth:

The ants’ outer shell uses tiny crystals to scratch, causes them to lose moisture and let them die due to dehydration. It requires expert help to place it properly where ants are affected by the treatment.

  • Boiling water:

Most of the homeowners use this method to remove the anthills from their garden. They pour few gallons of boiling water inside the mound of an anthill, thereby killing the ants.

  • Baits and sprays:

Baits and sprays are the most effective and easy methods to kill ant infestation. However, it can destroy plants in your garden if not applied correctly. You can contact the expert professional and take the help of them.

Protect your beautiful garden with total protection:

Fire ant infestations in your garden will take away its beauty. It is best to call a professional expert. They have the right tools and knowledge to treat the removal of ants infestation.







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