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How to Get Rid OF Black Widow Spiders?

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Have you ever imagined a spider more venomous than a rattlesnake? Black widows are infamous for killing their mates. Around thirty-one Latrodectus species that exhibit this ritual. You may found black widow spiders in the areas of your home where spider web is left untreated or undisturbed. These spiders are fond of dark colors visible in the attics, basement areas, crawlspaces, and underside of the furniture. You may find them in the woodpiles and near the small holes in your yard outside the house. Black widows have red hourglass markings on their abdomen with some colored dots or no marking at all. Black widow spiders are blind. Thus, they rarely come out of their spider web and rely on the vibrations to detect their prey. Getting rid of black widow spiders is crucial. Let’s have a sneak into how to remove or kill black widow spiders in detail: How to remove black widow spiders naturally? It is best to use the items available in your home to remove these notorious insects. Strong scents: Black widows do not like the smell of lemon, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Why? It is because these items have a powerful scent that deters the spiders from coming back. Make a spray of these natural repellants and spray them near the affected areas. Vinegar: Vinegar has acidic contents. The spider’s body will burn upon contacting the vinegar. Combine vinegar with water and spray them directly on the black widow spider. Vacuum: Make sure to remove the spider webs as these insects rely on them for their food and shelter. Use a vacuum to remove these webs. Try finding the spider webs in the corners and dark areas. How to remove black widow spiders chemically? If homemade natural methods are not effective, you may remove the spiders using chemical treatments: Insecticides and pesticides: Chemical insecticides come in both dust and liquid options. Dust are good options for places such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics where humans won’t disturb. Liquid pesticides are suitable for other areas. You may also use oil-based pesticides to target and kill egg sacs. Insect traps: Spiders rely on other insects for their food survival. Thus, removing flies, moths, grasshoppers, and earwigs will reduce the spider’s food source. Removing these food sources will deter the black widow spider from locating the spider web inside or near your house. How to treat black widow spider bites? The bites of a female black widow are fatal. These spiders are not aggressive and will attack you only out of fear or self-defense. Put ice pack on the affected area after thorough washing. The neurotoxin can cause complications once the symptoms set in. You may suffer from nausea, pain, and difficulty breathing after some hours after the bite. When to call pest control professionals? If you suspect the black widow spiders or any spider species inside your house, call pest control experts immediately. They have the necessary techniques to kill the spiders and hard-to-reach infestations.

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