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How to Counter Bed Bug Infestation

How to Counter Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are tiny brown to black colored blood-sucking insects. These vampires are nocturnal only feeding on individual during the night.

They really affect the quality of sleep and have been known to transmit diseases such as chagas disease. It is therefore of at most importance to control bed bugs.

Since they feed on humans at night, they spend most of their time in our bedding.

Therefore the first line of controlling bed bugs is by means of eradicating them from bedding.

How to Counter Bed Bug Infestation

The methods used to control these bugs includes;

  1. Use of chemical pesticides for bed bugs control. Its flip-side in that the chemicals can pose health risks to the person. One tactic to cut down on the effects of this bed bug control method is spraying bedding outside. Another disadvantage of this method of bed bug control is that bed bugs lay eggs that are usually resistant to some of these pesticides. Bed bugs may also gain resistant to pesticides over time
  2. Leaving bedding infested with bed bugs in the freezer for a period of approximately 5 days at 0 0C will ultimately kill and hence control the bed bugs.
  3. A sticky tape, when the bed bugs infestation is low, can be laid down to trap these bed bugs which can then be squashed. The downside of this tactic is that it is not efficient for highly infested homes.
  4. A vacuum cleaner can be used to access bed bugs that might be hiding in crevices in beds and walls. It should then be immediately emptied into a polythene bag which should be firmly fastened and disposed appropriately.
  5. Another method of bed bug control involves hiring Pest Management Professionals can be hired for steam steam treatment at elevated temperatures reaching 70 0C for it to be efficient, the treatment should be sustained for a duration of time because bed bugs hide in crevices.

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Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Your best bet, in fact probably your only effective option, is to call Magic Pest Control.

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