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How Dangerous are Scorpions in Gilbert?

A Giant Hairy Scorpion native to Arizona climbing on a cactus.

How Dangerous are Scorpions?

Scorpions are a potentially dangerous pest to have in your Gilbert, AZ home or business, depending on the variety. The Arizona Bark scorpion in particular packs a dangerous sting that can cause serious reactions in some susceptible people. You don’t want scorpions anywhere near your home or building, and if you suspect that you have them you should call pest control as quickly as possible.

Some Scorpions are More Dangerous than Others

As previously mentioned, the Arizona Bark scorpion is the most dangerous variety in the state. The sting of the Arizona Bark scorpion is the most dangerous for the elderly and children, but it can even cause serious reactions in adults. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world, and they may hide out in your home for shelter from the sun, for water or to hunt insects. No matter what you will want to call professional pest control as soon as possible if you suspect that you have these scorpions anywhere near you.

All Scorpions Have Venom

The other thing to keep in mind that every scorpion has a venomous sting. The sting of some scorpion is not as dangerous as varieties like the Arizona Bark scorpion, but that doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. If you are allergic to scorpion venom, the sting from any variety can cause a potentially serious reaction. Also, if any type of scorpion stings a child or an elderly person they should always seek medical attention.

Look Out for the Bark Scorpion

If you have scorpions near your home or in your home, you should try to identify what type they are. The Arizona Bark scorpion has a fairly characteristic look and they are easy to identify. They are usually light brown or yellow in color. Their tail is kept in the curled position and they are about 2.75 to 4 inches in length. If you aren’t sure what type of scorpions that you have in your home, be sure to call a professional to identify them. You should try to take preventative steps to keep them out of your Gilbert, Arizona home such as closing up openings, keeping insects out of your home, and more.

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