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House Flies Can Travel Distances Of 20 Miles, And They Are Known To Carry More Than 100 Diseases


House Flies Can Travel Distances Of 20 Miles, And They Are Known To Carry More Than 100 Diseases

Despite their name, house flies are generally found outdoors, but can become a nuisance indoors when doors or windows are left open or have damaged or poorly constructed screens. This can become a bigger problem during the summer, as they are most active on warm days and reproduce at a faster rate during the summer months, increasing their overall population and presence in our daily lives. This is when they can go from being a minor nuisance to a problem pest inside homes.

As Arizona heads into summer, the buzzing of house flies inside people’s homes has increased, so have the complaints about them. Local pest control companies have been experiencing an increase of calls about problems with house flies in residential homes. These house flies are more than just a nuisance pest, and can pose a health threat due to the over 100 diseases they can carry around. They breed in the most disgusting of conditions, requiring some kind of decaying organic matter such as feces and garbage. They also pick up all manner of waste and germs as they fly around, and continuously deposit feces everywhere they take a rest, in addition to regurgitating the noxious contents of their stomachs on every surface they land on. This means that if you see one land on your plate or burger outside or inside, they have most certainly left behind some pretty gross and unsanitary stuff.

House flies can travel long distances to find the unsanitary food and conditions they need to survive. They can travel as far as 20 miles if necessary, although most stick to an area of ½ to 1 mile surrounding their breeding site. If you are experiencing a greater number of house fly pests indoors than usual, that could mean you or one of your neighbors has a garbage problem or another area inside or near your home that needs some serious cleaning.

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