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Home Scorpion Sealing with Magic Pest

Scorpions in the forest, can harm humans.

Home Scorpion Sealing with Magic Pest

‘This the season for scorpions. When temperatures remain consistently above 75 degrees, our Arizona scorpions start making their presence known, sometimes in pesky ways. While there does tend to be scorpion hot spots throughout the valley, including Guadalupe, Scottsdale, north Phoenix and the Ahwatukee Foothills. Although, any homes backing up against irrigation or rocky preserves will almost always have scorpions tracking down just that one row of homes.

So the question becomes, how do you keep these pests out of your home and off your property entirely? Scorpion sealing, that’s how.

Scorpion Home Sealing with Magic Pest

Just as water can seep through microscopic pours in your home, so to can bugs and pets, including scorpions. With proper home sealing from Magic Pest, combined with pest control treatment, we can keep scorpions out of your home.

Caulking and Sealing: Every square inch of your home, from the attic to the foundation, is inspected for cracks, holes and ways for scorpions to get into your home. All possible entry ways are sealed up tight. Areas that are quite popular for scorpions around your home include those gaps in between the entrance concrete and your front door, as well as gaps between the patio concrete slabs.

Swimming pools are great resources for scorpions, attracting all kinds of pests. Magic Pest Control experts will seal any cracks in the concrete and cool decking around your pool, checking within pool drainage and pipes to get rid of any scorpions that might be hiding out.

Block Fencing:
This type of fencing is hugely popular and economical here in Arizona, and scorpions love us for them. These types of blocks provide shelter, food and a cool place to hide in the shade for all types of critters. This is a great area for you to seal on your own, or request an expert from Magic Pest to check out.

Windows and Doors:
Often times something as simple as a screen that is not installed correctly, or a window that has not been properly sealed, can be perfect entryways for scorpions. Weather striping and caulk work great in these situations.

Home sealing is an intensive process that involves every detail of your home. But, it is effective at keeping scorpions, and other critters out. Call today to get your home sealing quote!

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