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Halloween Pests and Your Gilbert Home

Halloween Pests and Your Gilbert Home

It’s that time of year, when pests of all shapes and sizes, and colors, come creeping to your Gilbert home in search of…


Halloween season is the best time of the year to celebrate those creepy, crawly, awful little pests that tend to invade your home and keep you up at night. From spiders to cockroaches, scorpions to snakes, even rats, Halloween in Gilbert is all about bringing out the insects….even if they are fake.

As Magic Pest Control, this is the time of year we tend to hear a story or two about how they were surprised by the huge spider that snuck up on them in the shower, only to find out it was a Halloween prank and a fake spider – thank goodness.

So, what can you do with scorpions, spiders, cockroaches and rats this Halloween season?

Spiderwebs: It’s not Halloween without spiderwebs, and lots of them, all over your home. How about DIY trash bag spiderwebs, or cookies with spiderwebs, or spiderweb pie, or spiderweb balloon art.

Check this out:

Cockroaches: We’ve seen some imaginative Halloween decor with cockroaches over the years, but this Pinterest pin of hundreds of cockroaches coming out of an air vent takes the cake:

Spider Ice Cubes: I love the idea of adding fake spiders to your ice cubes for a Halloween party!!

Check it out:

Scorpions: When there’s a scorpion on the door mat in Arizona, you can’t really be sure if it’s real or fake. Especially this time of year!

There are so many great ideas for using pests in your Halloween decor! Just remember, if you have the real thing, call in Magic Pest Control.

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