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Got Bit by a Scorpion in Gilbert AZ?

A Giant Hairy Scorpion native to Arizona climbing on a cactus.

Scorpion Bite Symptoms

There are a few dangerous varieties of scorpions in the Phoenix area, and it is helpful to know what to do if you are stung by a scorpion as well as the potentially dangerous symptoms of a sting. If you happen to be outside and away from help it can be an emergency because allergic or serious reactions to scorpion stings are a possibility. If you or someone you know has been stung by scorpions, don’t panic but be sure to follow the first aid steps to treat a scorpion sting. Below are some of the symptoms to look out for.

Mild Symptoms are Common

Several types of scorpions have a mild sting that doesn’t pose any serious threat, and the vast majority of scorpions are harmless. However, there is one called the Arizona Bark Scorpion which is potentially dangerous to both children and adults. Children and the elderly should seek medical attention for a sting no matter what, even if their symptoms seem to be mild. Mild symptoms can include pain, numbness, tingling around the site of the sting, and swelling in the area of the sting. These symptoms can be treated with first aid for scorpion stings.

Serious Symptoms are Less Common

There can be serious symptoms from scorpion stings, and these serious symptoms are more dangerous for children and the elderly. Serious symptoms can include difficulty with swallowing, numbness throughout the body, seizures, salivation, blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and roving eye motions. The symptoms can progress into a critical medical emergency, which is why you should seek medical attention if you start to develop any of these serious symptoms, or if you aren’t sure type of scorpions stung you. No matter what, it is better to be on the safe side and seek medical attention if you aren’t sure.

If You Have Scorpions Be Sure to Call Magic Pest Control

If you have been stung by scorpions in or near your Phoenix AZ home, you may have a scorpion nest inside or near your home. Be sure to call a Magic Pest immediately to get rid of the scorpions inside your home to prevent the chance of scorpions stinging you or your family in the future.

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