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Gilbert Termites: Is My House Being Invaded?

Radial blur, Group of termite are eating wood

Gilbert Termites: Is My House Being Invaded?

Every year termites cause billions of dollars of damage to buildings and homes in Phoenix, AZ and cities throughout the world, and if they are not spotted and dealt with quickly their damage can be quite extensive. Termites are the ultimate home wreckers because they destroy wood, and although they are beneficial insects in nature they are highly destructive in homes. The important thing to do is to call a termite control expert as soon as you know that you have termites, and below are some tips to help you determine when you need to call termite control for assistance.

Check for floor or wall damage

When you have termites they can damage your skirting boards and laminate floors. Floors that are affected by termites may sag or dip down. You can also check underneath the flooring to look for termite damage, and if the floor has more spring to it than usual you may have termites. You should also check your walls for random and unexplained cracks. Visible cracks are a sign that there are termites in the wall eating cellulose, and you may need to call a termite control specialist if you see any of these visible signs.

Check for hollow sounding wood

Hollow sounding wood is one of the characteristic signs that you need to call a termite control company. Termites usually feed on wood but they feed on it underneath the surface. When they feed on the wood they hollow it out, and when you tap on it you can hear that the structure sounds hollow. Check your doors, wood supports, furniture and other wood items in your home by tapping on them, and if they sound hollow be sure to call a termite control company quickly.

Call a termite control company if you aren’t sure

Whenever there is any doubt, call a termite control company to do a quick check on your home. The experts here at Magic Pest Control have been at it for over 30 years, servicing the entire Arizona valley.  An award-winning termite control company like us has great options for a consultation in your Phoenix, AZ home, and we have the tools to be able to spot the specific.

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