Gilbert Pest Control

Magic Pest Control has been serving Gilbert, Arizona, area residents for the better part of 34 years and has helped many clients over this long legacy of quality and efficient service.
We are thrilled to provide services to our fellow Gilbert area residents. They are part of the same community that Magic Pest Control has been a part of since we were founded in 1993 in Gilbert, Arizona.
We treat our customers like family because we are a family-owned and operated business with high standards of professionalism and quality.
Over the years, we have developed a reputation with our clients for being 100% dependable, with services that quickly and efficiently deal with pest control issues. We work hard to achieve the best results and don’t settle for anything less.

Angie’s List has awarded Magic Pest Control with an A+ rating. Almost as much as dealing with pests, our passion lies in giving our customers the best experience for their hard-earned money.

Our pest control technicians are Arizona state certified and have 5-30 years of experience on a given job or service. They are trained on the latest and cutting-edge technology, programs, and available products.

We can take care of those pesky Arizona bees, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitos, ants, bed bugs, termites, spiders, scorpions, and any other situation that may arise.

Our Gilbert yellow jacket control specialists also give yellow jackets a run for their money, as they are experts in detecting and exterminating nests and swarms that threaten our Gilbert community.

Contact us today and see why we are seen as industry leaders in the state of Arizona and have so many positive customer testimonials.

Gilbert Weed Control

The general concept is that herbicides do not perform at their peak if the environment is not favorable for plant growth. Taking this into consideration, hot and dry conditions or temperatures below 55 degrees may not get you optimal weed control. For pre-emergent to work effectively, the product needs to be incorporated by rainfall or hand watering, allowing the seedlings that are emerging to absorb the material. Without rainfall or hand watering, the herbicides will remain on the surface, resulting in limited activity on emerging plants. Pre-emergent is also degraded by sunlight when left sitting on the surface too long, further highlighting the importance of watering in the material. Post herbicides are also impacted by weather conditions. Plants that are more drought tolerant will demonstrate a reduced response to post applications. Weeds growing in hot and dry conditions are more likely to be stressed, producing more wax in the plant cuticle, slowing down the rate of biosynthetic processes required for herbicide activity, resulting in a tougher elimination process. The weeds with an increased waxy cuticle absorb less of the applied herbicide.
Are the products safe for my pets and family? As with any pesticide or herbicide, we ask that people and pets keep off treated areas until dry, per the product labels. The label is the law.

What is our guarantee? We guarantee our weed applications up to 6 months. We recommend 3 applications a year and will customize a plan that best suits your needs.

Pricing: $125 for yards up to 7500 SQFT. 7500 SQFT and up requires an estimate

Reliable and Punctual Service you can trust!
Where we help to keep your property weed-free!
Our specialty is weed prevention in any landscape, which means that we can kill all existing weeds and prevent future problems for any landscape in the Phoenix, Maricopa area.
When it comes to weed control, the first step of the process is identification. Make the process easier and call Magic’s certified weed control professional, to take care of your property and determine the best course of action for ridding the area of weeds.
We offer free estimates and are available to answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to call!

Magic’s Residential Weed Control Services: Landscaping for an Arizona home is a never ending project, especially in regards to the abundance of weeds which thrive in a desert climate. Magic’s Weed Control can help make the homeowner’s job easier by using pre-emergent herbicides as well as followup post-emergent herbicides to keep the yard weed free.

Gilbert Scoprion Control

Call for details. Ask Us About Averzion Scorpion Prevention!

Exterminating scorpions in Arizona involves a great knowledge of the creatures instincts and natural habitat. Magic Pest Control specialists are trained in all aspects of scorpion behavior and Arizona scorpion control technique used to infiltrate, exterminate and control scorpion nests and their food source.

With a Angie’s List rating of A+, we are proud to offer only the best pest control options in Arizona. Magic Pest Control offers two of the most effective scorpion control techniques used to eradicate and dismantle the scorpion sense of environment and food source:

Scorpion Control is most effective with the combination of home sealing and regular pest control treatments around your home or business structure.

We also offer delta dust for scorpion control! 

Gilbert Rodent Control

Greasy, slimy, and sneaky rodents are an all too common pest that uses their rodent intelligence and learned human avoidance behaviors to secretly infiltrate every nook and cranny of your residence to breed and spread health hazards.
Rodents are attracted to everything humans do, from the smells of food, the debris on the ground, the trash in the garbage to the numerous vents and things to chew on that rats can find.
Rodents will eat almost anything and make a nest out of nearly every material. As a homeowner, it is vital to take preventative steps to ensure your house doesn’t have a big flashing vacancy sign that attracts area rats to have a cozy stay in your home.
Our Gilbert Rat Control technicians are trained with the best equipment and techniques to outsmart rodents and make sure they can infest your attic and rooms with filthy droppings and grease trails.
Rodents have adapted to easily detect poisons and chew through standard traps, especially those growing up around human cities. There is a never-ending arms race between rodent adaptation and human innovation to ensure these rodents cannot avoid capture or extermination.

Rats can be attracted to citrus trees or organic matter around your property. In Arizona, this phenomenon can result in what is known as “roof rats,” which are attracted by the smell of citrus and use citrus trees to climb up onto your roof and invade your house from up above.

Roof rats will require an expert to get rid of because of their resistance to standard traps and their insatiable breeding capacities.
Please call on our specialists to eliminate these rats as soon as possible. Once they start breeding, a small infestation of rats can quickly spiral out of control.

Gilbert Termite Control

Termites have recently swelled in numbers in the East Valley area because of the favorable climate conditions that termites have continued to enjoy.

They are the so-called “assassins” of the pest control world because of their ability to cause massive damage and remain hidden and undetected for long periods.
For homeowners, there are very few signs of a termite infestation often until it is too late to recover from the damage to the foundations of your structures.
Common subtle hints of a termite infestation include:
Suppose you are experiencing any of these subtle signs. In that case, you should contact one of our experts immediately because the damage termites can reek can be enormous and is only prevented when dealt with early.
If you aren’t ordering regular inspections of your structures for termites, it is becoming increasingly important to do so.

We recommend at least one termite inspection per year, possibly more if you live in a high-risk area or have had a history of termite infestations in the past.

Talk to one of our termite specialists today to find out what inspection schedule is right for you and if your property could benefit from a chemical zone treatment to prevent them from invading in the first place.

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