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Gilbert Pest Control: Bats vs. Pest Control

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If you’ve got property then you’ve had a need for pest control.  You may have had mixed experiences with various Gilbert pest control companies in the past.  Tired of paying for pest control? Do you want an all natural option?  Do you mind cleaning up guano?

In the news I came across an article from the Smithsonian published just last week. Apparently there are heavily-dated, Portuguese Libraries using bats as pest control.  These are very old libraries so no-one is sure how long the bats have been there.   Thankfully, they offer effective pest control.  The Smithsonian explains that pests in old libraries is a common problem.  When I think of an old library I usually picture a dust trap with books whose pages are about to fall out.  Well, that’s not entirely fair. I also picture amazing architecture, mosaics, and stained-glass windows.  With all of the dust, I’m surprised pests aren’t the first thing I consider.

These bats in the Portuguese Libraries keep all the small pest populations regulated.  The bats themselves are only about an inch long.  Their role is important because so many of the bugs will eat the books.  Bad joke/quote opportunity: ‘you are what you eat’ so hey ‘knowledge is power.’  Well this pest control sounds nicer than it is.  It may be all natural, and maybe you don’t have to pay the bats, but that’s doesn’t mean this product doesn’t come with a price.

I alluded to the price earlier when I said ‘Guano’.  If you don’t know, that’s Spanish for Bat feces.  There are countless of these little one inch bats hiding behind all of the exquisite book cases.  Just how much bat droppings are we talk about?  Historian and Photographer James Campbell said the bats left a layer of droppings over everything.  Everything, is a lot of surface area for these large bibliotecas.  The condition is bad enough that they have to cover the furniture every night and sweep every morning.  Sounds to me like they have succeeded in replacing one pest with another pest.

Talking about these old types of pest control is fun.  However, it’s not fun to actually live with.  If you’d like your pests taken care of today without daily maintenance care contact the professionals for your Gilbert pest control at 480-654-5888.

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