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Get Rid of Scorpions Naturally

Get Rid of Scorpions Naturally

Scorpions can be very harmful to children, especially baby scorpions because they can not control the amount of toxin they release. However, for most adults they usually just cause a little pain at the sight of the sting.


Scorpions are known for making an appearance in the summer time due to they are trying to find areas to keep cool and away from the summer sun, but yet still have food. With that being said, they will try to enter your home by any means possible, whether it be through a drain, through a crack in a wall, a door, or a window.

You can try and eliminate the scorpions from entering your house by sealing any and all cracks in and around your home. You can also move an wood piles you may have up against or near your home, at least 25 feet away from the home.

It is important to keep in mind that even though you may take every precaution necessary in order to keep scorpions away and out of your home, there is still a chance that one or even a few may gain access into your home. With that being said, you may want to try using an all natural spray in order to get rid of the scorpions until you are able to get a professional pest control technician to your home.

A quick and all natural spray that you can make and keep handy in order to repel those scorpions away is lavender oil. Simply add 10-20 drops of lavender oil to a bottle filled with 2 cups of water and simply spray around your doors, windows, and all along the inside of your home.

Planting a few lavender plants along the perimeter of your home is another great natural way to keep those nasty things out of your home and away from your family.

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