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What To Get Your Pest Control Professional This Christmas

Wondering what to get that man or woman in your life who is a pest control professional? This list may be your answer!

It’s about that time of year again when shopping malls are filled with people buying gifts for loved ones hoping to spread some holiday cheer. Ah, the joy of giving, it makes us all feel good right? Unfortunately, a lot of that holiday cheer doesn’t quite hit the mark and you might be surprised what happens to the majority of the presents we give.

According to a poll by Western Union, up to 75% of people have lied about liking a gift that they did not like at all. Of those people only 1 in 5 will ever say anything so as not to hurt your feelings. What do they do with said gifts?

18% gets donated to charity. 15% is re-gifted, 11% returned to the store, another 11% tossed in the trash and 6% of the recipients try to resell their gifts. I guess the rest just gets put out in the garage or in a corner somewhere and is forgotten. Tsk Tsk, if we only knew just what that pest pro truly wanted, then we could have still have that great heart filled joy of giving while the receiver would be pleasantly surprised with something they really wanted and appreciate.

What The Pest Tech Wants ???

Now I’m no different than anyone else & I’ve gotten plenty of ties and sweaters, and these things are fine I guess but the ties get worn once in a blue moon and I still have sweaters in the box from last year. I admit it’s hard to shop around for a gift for a pest controller & the gifts most would think of as unique–the technician will think of as PERFECT.

The key to getting your pest control professional the best Christmas present ever is to know their hobbies and what makes them tick. Some Arizona Cardinals gear is always a big hit. You also can’t go wrong with accessories to keep your pest control professional cool in the summer and warm in the winter…and dry during monsoon season.

Consider cooling towels and warming socks. Maybe a nice raincoat for those dusty, windy monsoon months.

Consider water bottles and ice chests themed for your pest control professional’s favorite teams.

Consider new tech boots that breathe in the summer and keep feet warm in the winter.

Pest control professionals are hard-working, dedicated individuals. Consider gift cards to their favorite places to grab a bite to eat during lunch or a few drinks after work.

There are so many great ideas for gifts, you just can’t go wrong.

Happy Holidays!

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