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Fire Ants in Arizona?

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Fire Ants in Arizona?

With all the flooding and devastation in Houston and all over Eastern Texas, you’ve probably seen a story or two about fire ants and their amazing ability to survive nearly anything. But fire ants are no joke. They attack with ferocious strength and teamwork.

Don’t let their size fool you. Fire ants can be incredibly dangerous….

Here at Magic Pest Control, our main priority is to keep your home free from termites. Termites easily cause the most damage to home and family, leaving you financially burdened after the cleanup. Termites are our number one priority.

Scorpions, black widows, bees…all of these pests do more than bother you, they can be dangerous.

Fire ants are just as devastating.

Fire Ant Prevention: Fire ants love dry, bare and had soil. That’s why you tend to see more ant, including fire ant, activity when it’s over 100-degrees outside. Not so much in monsoon season, but when the air is dry and the ground becomes cracked and compacted, fire ants flourish. Inside your home, it’s also very important to keep things clean. Leaving crumbs lying around makes for happy fire ants.

Fire Ants vs Regular Ants: Telling the difference between fire ants and regular ants is simple; just look for the red. In Arizona, we have the Red Imported Fire Ants and the Southern Fire Ant. In most situations, when you’re seeing fire ants they are the Southern Fire Ant. While still aggressive and dangerous, Southern Fire Ants aren’t nearly as dangerous as the Red Imported Fire Ant.

Fire Ant Sting: If you notice blistering occurring after being stung or after stepping on an ant mound, seek out medical advice. Some people experience an allergic reaction to a fire ant sting. Symptoms may include sweating, slurred speech, chest pain, shortness of breath, hives, swelling, nausea, vomiting, and/or shock.

As with any pest, you’ll want to call in the pest control professionals.

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