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“I Figured All Pest Control Companies Were the Same”

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other night. There we were, sitting in front of the TV watching the game…which was terrifying in itself…and my buddy mentions that they had a pest control company come out to spray for scorpions.

I asked what that company did.

“They sprayed the inside and outside of the home.”

“That’s it?!” I gasped.

My buddy looked at me with a perplexed face. “Yeah, that’s it. Why? Is that not what you guys do? I figured all pest control companies were the same.”


All pest control companies are not created equal!

It’s funny, but most homeowners to believe that all pest control companies are the same, and it’s easy for them to go with the cheapest.

Most homeowners don’t research the pest control company for reviews, for coupons, or for the specific methods they use to get rid of scorpions.

And it’s a sad deal because a simple spray of your home and/or the perimeter of your home WILL NOT prevent infestation.

Another interesting story that I came across the other day was from the homeowner app Front Door. A neighbor of mine recently posted, “Hey, if you guys need pest control, call xxx-xxxx. This guy works on his own, brings his own spray, and will spray the inside of your home and the outside for $25!”

Ok, what is wrong with this picture?

You have no idea who that guy is, how reliable he is, if he has a record, and what he’s using in that spray canister!! I mean, if that spray happens to make your dog sick, gives your child an asthma attack or remains in the air of your home for weeks afterwards…don’t you think that might cause an issue?!

Moral of the story: Use a pest control company that you can trust. Use a pest control professional who you won’t have to question coming in to your home. Use a pest control company that utilized multiple methods beyond just spraying to keep scorpions out of your home. Use a pest control company that uses granules, dust and spray that IS safe for your children and pest to be around, indoors and out!

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