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FAQ’S About Subterranean Termites | Gilbert Termite Control Experts

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Subterranean termites are the most destructive termite species in the US, causing billions of dollars in property damage every year. Seeing as the home is one of the largest investments people have, it’s important to keep yourself informed about this pest, and know when you have to act in order to prevent any major damage. Here are some commonly asked questions about subterranean termites that might help you better understand how to deal with them.

There are termites in my yard. Should I worry?

Finding termite infested wood in your yard does not necessarily mean that your home is already infested, but it does mean that there is a colony nearby. In this situation, you should at the very least call over a pest control specialist to perform an inspection and assess the risk of your home being infested in the near future.

Are there DIY options to control subterranean termite infestations?

Although it is recommended that you hire a pro to help you with termite infestations, you can go with the DIY route and set up your own liquid barrier or baiting system. Baiting systems are a lot easier to set up than liquid barriers, so they may be your best option if you want to try to take care of the infestation yourself.

Which termiticide is best?

There are a lot of termiticides on the market, and they all vary in their mechanism of action, duration of treatment, active ingredient, and across other metrics and attributes. You can talk to your pest control contractor and get more information about the product options that you have for a treatment, or you can find a lot of guides and comparisons between termiticides online.

Should I go for a partial treatment to save money?

Partial treatments, also known as spot treatments, will be targeted control measures that have a lower cost than a whole house treatment. However, these treatments can only be used against certain termite species effectively. Given that subterranean termites only infest wood as a way to forage for food, treating just the currently infested piece of wood means that there will eventually be a reinfection in another part of your home.

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