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Everything You Need to Know About Termites

You may be wondering what termite tubes are? They are created by the subterranean type of termites and serve the purpose of shelter from the above ground environment. This protection often takes the form of a tube and can measure anywhere from 1/8 to 1 inch wide in places with the longest being several yards in length. This article will focus on termites Arizona and related information.

5 Signs That You May Have Termites in Your Home

1. You see termite wings. If you see wings around the perimeter of your house or indoors, it may be a sign that termites have already invaded the area surrounding your home. As termites swarm, they shed their wings. If you find clusters of wings over several days, it’s important to contact an exterminator right away.

2. You find sawdust. Noticing small piles of sawdust is another sign of a serious termite problem. This “symptom” indicates that termites have been chewing on the wood in your home and have created piles of sawdust as they wreak havoc on your housing structure.

3. You see shelter tubes. Termites are subterranean insects that require moisture to live; they seek protection by dwelling in tiny spaces. As a result, termites will infest and build small tunnels of mud in exposed areas. To determine if a termite tube is active, break one off and check later to see if it has been rebuilt. If so, you have a termite infestation on your hands.

4. You find hollowed wood. As you inspect the woodwork in your home, use a flat blade screwdriver or knife to check if wood has been hollowed out. Wood that has been severely damaged by termites may also sound hollow when tapped.

5. You see visible termites. Once termites are visible on your property, watch out! Termites may look yellow or white. Although there are over 40 termite species in the US, many will share the same physical characteristics. Termites can be most often found in damp areas of a home close to sources of wood. They may easily be confused for small ants. If you have any question about the type of insects found in your home, use the criteria above to determine if they are termites and call a professional exterminator right away for help.

Tips to Prevent and Spot Termite Damage

Every pier and link between the house and the ground should be checked for leads on all sides, as often as possible. This is very vital if the structure is only protected by a stainless steel mesh, aluminium or other metal shielding (including ant caps) and graded stone barriers.

The passive barriers are chemical barriers that are held in a matrix. These obstructions are not designed in a manner to kill termites, but also force them to go outside the perimeter. Also, remember that these termite tips can be very helpful if they are followed on a regular basis.

The outside area and the area underneath your house should always be kept cleared of things such as plants, stored goods, fill or any other objects or materials that could visually obscure the entry of termites to the building. Remember early detection is your best defense mechanism possible against potential harm done by termites.

Never carry out any additions and modifications to your house or to the near by soil, paths or attached structures without first consulting a termite professional. Termite professionals consider this factor as one of the most important and sought after point in the termite tips check list.A

Always repair the leaky shower stalls, dripping taps, overflowing gutters, down pipes, and tanks, leaky plumbing as soon as it noticed. Hot water overflow and roof water waste should be away from structures.

Do not add any gardens next to your house and if you are planning to do so, then seek the help of termite professionals.

If you notice a collapsing timber, stains, or mudding you should immediately contact a termite professional without wasting any time. Never interfere with the suspected activity during this time as it may cause further damage to the building.

Termite professionals are of the opinion that termites have many hidden entrances. So it is quite possible that you might miss out. A more detailed approach including the use of high tech tools can often detect either their hidden presence or structural or environmental developments that will assist or invite termite infestation.

Get your house or building thoroughly checked by a termite professional at least once a year.

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