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Do Weeds Attract Scorpions and Spiders?


Do Weeds Attract Scorpions and Spiders?

If you’ve gone into your backyard, or front yard, recently, you’ve probably noticed a few new green and pesky additions. It’s weed season, and these things grow like…

Well, like weeds!

Weeds attract all kinds of unwanted critters into your Gilbert yard, from snakes to mice, scorpions to spiders.

This is the time of year here in Gilbert that the breeze begins to blow, the flowers began to bloom, and the leaves, dust and pollen begins to drive you crazy…and the weeds take over.

You spray and spray, but the keep coming back, and with them come all types of creepy crawling pests.

Did you know that Magic Pest Control offers weed services? Why, do you think, a Gilbert pest control company would offer weed control services?

Because, if we can help you get rid of your weeds, we’re also helping you to get rid of your pests!

Weed Control Service $80 Yards up to 7500 sq.ft. With a 4 month guarantee

Why Scorpions Love Weeds

Scorpions, just like every other pest, loves shady, cool areas that are dark and full of food.

Weeds are the perfect spot, and meet all of these necessities for scorpions.

Weeds, leaves and debris that pile up near or around your home give scorpions the perfect spot for sneaking their way into your home through cracks in the foundation…tiny, minuscule cracks that you don’t even realize are there, especially if they’re covered by weeds or leaves.

Weeds are full of other critters, making them a perfect place to find food.

Weeds are also usually damp and cool, making for the perfect conditions for scorpions.

If you have weeds around your Gilbert home, you are providing basically a safe-haven for all types of pests, including scorpions.

This week, Magic Pest Control released our weed control special! This is something that you have to take full advantage of, for one main reason…


That’s right! For only $80 we’ll come out to your Gilbert home, take care of every single weed (up to 7500 Square Feet), and guarantee our weed services for an entire four months!

Yes, you can spray for weeds to keep scorpions away. You can spray, and spray, and spray again…and continue buying weed killer…
Or you can get a 4 month guarantee from Magic Pest Control and get on with your pest free life!

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