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Do Not Attempt DIY Termite Control

Do Not Attempt DIY Termite Control

You get termites at your home, and the burning question in your mind, can I or should I treat this myself, or should I fork over the money and let the professionals handle it? The answer, do not cheap out and try to get rid of termites yourself!

Well, for one, termicide concentrates are not easy to get for the regular homeowner. That’s why pest control operators have to get licenses from the state to purchase and use them. They do this because termicides are crazy toxic to fish. Like super crazy bad toxic to fish. So if you don’t know what you are doing and some of it gets to the storm drain, it will kill every fish in the creek.

Do Not Attempt DIY Termite Control

Secondly, termites live in the ground, outside your house. They just come in to eat your house. If they don’t have moist soil, they will dry out and die. So, most likely, it is always a drainage issue that allows the ground to stay damp. So during termite treatment, the termicide is injected into the ground surrounding your house to effectively saturate the soil.

It is a persistent pesticide and as they munch the soil to make their tunnels, they get the pesticide and it kills them. And don’t forget, the tunnels entering your house can be very deep, and at times drilling may be essential especially under driveways or porches. So, you definitely can’t do these all by yourself!

You might buy a termite treatment and think it is a small problem, when in real essence it is a large infestation in your entire home. It is better to call an expert and get your home professionally inspected and treated before they cause any structural damage to your house. Just because you can see them in one place along the foundation of your house, that does not mean that they aren’t all the way up the wall to the roof line.

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