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Do Chickens Really Work as Pest Control for Scorpions?

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Do Chickens Really Work as Pest Control for Scorpions?

Maintaining chickens has become quite popular in Gilbert and around the Phoenix-metro areas.

Many times, our Pest Control professionals will visit a Gilbert or Chandler home for Scorpion extermination and find the homeowner has chickens or has questions about chickens for scorpions.

It’s not uncommon here in Gilbert to come across a home with a nice little chicken coop in the backyard. The interesting thing to take note of is that our Pest Control experts still visit homes with chickens in the backyard….

So today I want to answer the question, “Do chickens keep scorpions away?”

Do Chickens Really Work as Pest Control?

Chickens for Scorpion Control

Gilbert and Phoenix homeowners who invest in chickens for their yard usually do so for the Unlimited Supply of eggs. Keeping chickens is fairly inexpensive, and if your neighborhood allows it it can  actually save you money in the long run.

Chickens will eat scorpions.

If they find a scorpion in your yard or around your home, they will eat it.

The reason that we end up going out to Gilbert homes with chickens is because chickens are not nocturnal, and scorpions are.

Most scorpions will do most of their hunting and feeding at night, when chickens are usually sleeping.

With that said, however, chickens will eat a scorpion’s food source.

Chickens eat things like crickets and cockroaches, the very pests that scorpions like to dine on.

If you tend to have more cockroaches, beetles, and crickets in your yard, or home, you will tend to have more scorpions.

But, if you have chickens, they will eat all of these bugs that scorpions eat as well. Keep in mind, that most of these pests are nocturnal just like scorpions, and you most of their moving around at night.

So, if you want chickens to act as a pest control strategy because they will eat all of the things that you don’t want in your home, they have to cross paths with those pests and that doesn’t happen as often as you would probably like.

Your best bet, call in a pest control expert!

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