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DIY Termite Treatments

When it comes to termites in Gilbert, they can be not only a bothersome, but more of a headache because of all the damage that they do. However, there are two different DIY treatments for termites that you can do until you are able to call the professionals and really get those things gone for good.

DIY Termite Treatments

DIY Termite Treatments

The first DIY termite treatment you can do, is the standard termite chemical barrier for ground termites. This type of chemical treatment is designed to stop the termites from entering your home. Along with stoping the, from entering your home, it will also stop the termites that are already in your home, from getting into the soil, which is where they go to get the moisture they need in order to live. This termite chemical barrier will provide the protection you need for 3 to 5 years.

The second option for DIY termite treatment is to use a baiting system, which there are several different kinds available. You simply will place these termite bait stations outside, in the ground along, the structure of your home. The termites will then find the bait stations, feed on it, and die shortly after. Termite bait stations are good for when you can not use a termite chemical barrier, due to bodies of water being nearby or when you are unsure about using a pesticide in or around your home. There are also some cases when a termite chemical barrier is used to do a soil treatment and the soil treatment has failed for some reason. Then, the only other DIY termite treatment option would be to use the termite bait stations.

If you see mud tunnels around your home or damage to wood structures in your house, it may be best to get a termite inspection done to see just how much damage is being caused and to stop those critters from creating more. However, if you can not do that right away, doing a termite treatment yourself is a start to stopping those unwanted pests.

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