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Does Diatomaceous Earth Work For Scorpions?

Does Diatomaceous Earth Work For Scorpions?

It’s a question we get nearly every single day…

“Does diatomaceous earth really work for scorpions” and “Where can I get some?”

Let’s break this down.

If you have scorpions in or around your home, DIY pest control just isn’t going to do the trick. IN fact, DIY pest control might actually trick YOU into thinking what you’re doing is working because maybe, just maybe, you don’t see a scorpion for a few weeks…

But, I guarantee those scorpions are out there, they’ve just been avoiding the ‘line in the sand,’ so to speak.


So, today let’s answer the bit question about diatomaceous earth:

Does It Work?

Technically speaking, yes, diatomaceous earth is made up of a material that will dehydrate and literally destroy any pest with an exoskeleton. So, ants, spiders and scorpions, as well as cockroaches, will be affected by diatomaceous earth…if they come into contact with it.

Let’s say a scorpion happens to cross the line of diatomaceous earth. That slow death will take time…long enough for that scorpion to still get into your home.

Speaking of getting in to your home, if the scorpion is already inside of your home, the diatomaceous earth will not do any good. You’ve basically trapped those scorpions inside of your home.

It has been clinically proven in a lab that diatomaceous earth will kill a scorpion, but it takes one to two weeks!

Well, now that you know diatomaceous earth can work to kill scorpions…eventually, the next question you need to be asking is “Is it safe?”

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

Yes and no. If inhaled by you, your children, even your pets, diatomaceous earth can cause respiratory problems…although minor. It is recommended that, when laying diatomaceous earth, you and anyone around it wear a mask. If it’s windy outside, say goodbye to your lungs…and the diatomaceous earth!

Where To Lay Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re still thinking about DIY pest control with diatomaceous earth, consider laying a boundary around the foundation of your home, including the garage. You’ll also want to place diatomaceous earth around the concrete fencing we have here in Arizona, as well as in between the bricks.

If you have any plumbing pipes coming out of the walls of your home, dust diatomaceous earth around those pipes and holes.

Honestly, if you have had more than one or two scorpions in your home in the past few weeks, you need to call in an expert.


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