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Dealing With Yellowjackets Effectively

Wasp Control

The yellowjacket is an aggressive wasp species that will be buzzing around your picnic table during the summer. These pests will nest both above and on the ground, looking to prey on other insects and scavenge any scraps (particularly meat scraps) that they may find laying around. On the surface that sounds pretty innocuous, but these wasps can become very aggressive if their nests are threatened, often attacking in large numbers with each individual wasp stinging the perceived threat repeatedly. Even killing one on your porch is a problem, because its body will emanate pheromones that will attract its nest mates. So how do you deal with these wasps effectively?


You can avoid a yellowjacket infestation altogether by preventing the wasps from nesting. In order to do this, you want to seal any entry point through which a yellowjacket queen can gain access into the buildings on your property. This includes window frames, door screens and any spaces near pipes and wires that enter a building. You then want to remove all food sources in the area. This can include open garbage containers and pet feeding stations. To add another layer of protection, you can use a 5% solution of ammonia and water near your garbage cans.


Traps can be very effective against yellowjackets because they will emit pheromones when they die, attracting their nestmates to the location. A good DIY option is to take a soda bottle, smear jam or honey just outside the top, cut the upper quarter and invert it so that the top is now inside the bottle. You then want to add water at the bottom. The yellowjackets will try to reach the sweet bait and in the process, they will fall into the water and drown. You can add vinegar to the water in order to prevent any bees from being attracted to the trap.

Taking care of the nest

Yellowjacket wasps are very aggressive when their nests are threatened, so it’s best to leave their nests alone. If you want to get rid of a nest completely, you will need the help of a pro, who has the right protective equipment for the job. The pest control pro will be able to find the location of the nest and take it out for you safely. Contact us today if you are having problems with yellowjacket wasps on your property.

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