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Coming Out of the Woodworking: Termites in Gilbert, AZ

Coming Out of the Woodworking: Termites in Gilbert, AZ

Termites are a silent devastation to Gilbert homes, and you probably don’t even realize it. All over Gilbert, Arizona, termites lurk quietly in the shadows.

Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is true that termites can invade your Gilbert home at any time, without warning…especially this time of year. The soil is soft and easy to dig through. The wood on your home might be softer than usual due to the extreme rain we’ve seen this year. And the trim around your house might be cracked and basically yelling to termites “come invade my home.”

Subterranean Termites

These little pests will grow in number by leaps in bounds while invading your home. They multiply quickly, and find their strength in numbers. Before you know it, you’ll literally have thousands of subterranean termites within the walls of your Gilbert home.

While singularly, this type of termite is “less damaging” then other termite types, if your Gilbert home has subterranean termites, their ability to multiply will make the damage that much more devastating.

Dampwood and Drywood Termites

These two types of termites are far more damaging than subterranean termites. In Gilbert homes and businesses that receive the most financial damage from termites, these are the culprits. And, just as their names imply, drywood termites prefer dryer wood, where as dampwod termites prefer softer, wet wood…just the kind we’re seeing right now during monsoon season.

Termites In General…

They are extremely durable creatures, living for thousands upon thousands of years because of their durability. They can survive nearly anything…except our termite treatment.

The best way to avoid costly damage to your Gilbert home is to know the signs of a termite infestation before it becomes too damaging. And call in the experts. Never try to take care of termites on your own.

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