Chandler Pest Control

Never let your guard down against unwanted pests; they can complicate our lives when we least expect them. When that happens, you will need to call the professionals.
Magic Pest Control is one of Arizona’s fastest-growing pest control companies operating in the Chandler, Arizona area.
We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1993, and our mission is simple.
We aim to provide 100% dependable, top quality, safe, efficient, and the most technologically sound pest control methods at every visit to our customers.
With over 34 years of experience in the business, we see ourselves as industry leaders in the local area and hold ourselves to a higher standard of business and responsibility.
Our pest control technicians are all certified by the State of Arizona for general pest removal and have a wealth of experience in many specialized fields like Africanized Bee removal, for example.
As aggressive Africanized Bee populations move further north and displace our native docile bee populations, this type of pest removal is becoming more necessary. Africanized bees are pretty dangerous because of their defensive instinct to swarm nearby people.
These bees can aggressively attack humans, and attacks can prove fatal reasonably quickly once a swarm locks onto you.

Please contact us if you have a pest problem that has gotten out of control, and we will be happy to show you why we are one of the fastest-growing general pest control companies in Arizona.

We have expert technicians ready to service the Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Ahwatukee areas.

Chandler Weed Control

The general concept is that herbicides do not perform at their peak if the environment is not favorable for plant growth. Taking this into consideration, hot and dry conditions or temperatures below 55 degrees may not get you optimal weed control. For pre-emergent to work effectively, the product needs to be incorporated by rainfall or hand watering, allowing the seedlings that are emerging to absorb the material. Without rainfall or hand watering, the herbicides will remain on the surface, resulting in limited activity on emerging plants. Pre-emergent is also degraded by sunlight when left sitting on the surface too long, further highlighting the importance of watering in the material. Post herbicides are also impacted by weather conditions. Plants that are more drought tolerant will demonstrate a reduced response to post applications. Weeds growing in hot and dry conditions are more likely to be stressed, producing more wax in the plant cuticle, slowing down the rate of biosynthetic processes required for herbicide activity, resulting in a tougher elimination process. The weeds with an increased waxy cuticle absorb less of the applied herbicide.
Are the products safe for my pets and family? As with any pesticide or herbicide, we ask that people and pets keep off treated areas until dry, per the product labels. The label is the law.

What is our guarantee? We guarantee our weed applications up to 6 months. We recommend 3 applications a year and will customize a plan that best suits your needs.

Prices starting at $125 and up. Price base don Square Footage. Phone estimates available. 

Reliable and Punctual Service you can trust!
Where we help to keep your property weed-free!
Our specialty is weed prevention in any landscape, which means that we can kill all existing weeds and prevent future problems for any landscape in the Phoenix, Maricopa area.
When it comes to weed control, the first step of the process is identification. Make the process easier and call Magic’s certified weed control professional, to take care of your property and determine the best course of action for ridding the area of weeds.
We offer free estimates and are available to answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to call!

Magic’s Residential Weed Control Services: Landscaping for an Arizona home is a never ending project, especially in regards to the abundance of weeds which thrive in a desert climate. Magic’s Weed Control can help make the homeowner’s job easier by using pre-emergent herbicides as well as followup post-emergent herbicides to keep the yard weed free.

Chandler Scorpion Control

Scorpions have been around ever since the Paleozoic times, aging them over 400 million years old. However, still to this day they are known for their painful stings and scary appearance. Just in the last few hundred years have scientist developed an understanding of their role in the desert ecosystem.
Scorpions are venomous arthropods in the class Arachnida, relatives of spiders, solpugids, pseudoscorpions, mites, ticks, etc. They have eight legs, a long tail and a pair of pedipalps for capturing prey. At the end of the tail they are equipped with a stinger, fully loaded by a venom producing gland.

There are over 1400 species recognized today ranging from locations all over the globe. Most scorpions are adapted to live in deserts such as the Mohave, Sahara and Kalahari. A smaller percentage lives among the rainforests of Asia and Africa. Regardless of where the scorpion resides they key to their existence is all the same, the skilled art of an ambush predator.

We also offer delta dust for scorpion control! 

Chandler Rodent Control

Nothing quite compares to the unfortunate experience of suspecting a rodent invasion in your home or place of business.

Rats can be tricky to detect because of their capability to hug walls, creep silently, and squeeze into such small spaces. They can also live in and eat practically anything, which means they will be chewing, breeding, and spreading dangerous droppings that cause health risks.
On top of their dangerous living habits, they can also be tricky to get rid of. They are reasonably intelligent generalist omnivores and scavengers. They have adapted well to live alongside humans and have experienced thwarting human methods of excising them.
They can detect poison and chew through conventional traps that one might try. That’s where our team of chandler rat control specialists comes in.
We are used to battling with rats and mice. Our baiting and trapping strategies have proven to quickly and again outsmart rats. We use the latest state-of-the-art traps, and our experience allows us to deal with any countermeasures the mice or rats might come up with.
Magic Pest Control technicians can detect the subtle signs of rats using the best technology so you can be sure that they are gone after the rodents have been removed.
Roof rats can be pretty common in the Chandler area because of their attraction to citrus trees and vegetation. These plants attract rats and give them access to roofs and will also need a smart solution to avoid a future infestation.

Chandler Termite Control

The silent killers of the pest control world, termites, are deadly to structures and foundations because of their ability to go undetected for extended periods.

Because of the stealthiness of termites, it is essential to take preventative steps so that your home or business can remain safe.
A termite colony in Arizona can have as many as 2 million members. Over a dozen termite colonies lived together on just a single acre of infested land.
When moving into a new or used home for the first time, you must have a termite inspection as a part of your initial home inspection. At this point, you may want to install a chemical barrier if you are found to be at risk for termite infestation.
Termite chemical barriers are specific area zones that are chemically treated around the perimeter of your building that discourages termites from invading that area.
Termites use chemicals to relay information to other members of the hive, and the chemicals we use make effective use of this ability to send the message to termites that they won’t be welcome in your home.

Magic Pest Control has experts that are very experienced at installing chemical barriers. Please call us at (480) 418-6809 if you think you require a chemical wall in your home or business.

Depending on the area, neighborhood, and history of your place of residence or work, you may want to schedule regular inspections to ensure termites aren’t sneaking in.
You may want to discuss the frequency of regular inspections you may need in your area with one of our termite experts to ensure your building is safe.
Arizona is a particular hotspot of termites, and it’s generally recommended that most structures have at least two termite inspections per year to be protected.

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