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Can Wolf Spiders Be Helpful?

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Wolf spiders can be frightening and they may be pests, but they can also be useful around the yard. For one, they are spiders that do not create webs, so you will not have the unsightly things all over your property. This is because the wolf spider has evolved to hunt, going right after the prey it intends to consume. The good news is that these spiders are interested in a variety of common pests including cockroaches, fleas and ticks. However, do these benefits outweigh the drawbacks of an infestation?

Wolf spiders are not that good at pest control

Although you and the wolf spider might share a common enemy, the wolf spider is only interested in eating a few of the pests here and there. It is incapable of eradicating entire populations. For this you will need a pest control specialist.

The bite of the wolf spiders

Wolf spiders are similar to black widows and brown recluses, in that they prefer not to bite humans, but they will in self-defense or if they feel threatened in any way. However, unlike those two dangerous species, the wolf spider’s venom is not very potent. Still, it can cause irritation, inflammation, and even pain that is comparable to that of a bee sting. With that being said, bites are generally mild.

Comparison to other dangerous pests

In the grand scheme of things, the wolf spider is not a very dangerous pest, although it can be unsightly and a nuisance. It does not spread diseases, parasites, harmful bacteria or allergies, and it does not damage the home. There are various control strategies for wolf spider populations. For one, the pest control specialist may ensure that the spiders are nowhere near the home, but still maintain a presence on the outskirts of the property, where they can be beneficial in warding off certain pests. The pest control process may also involve reducing the population of existing pests and this will have the added benefit of removing the incentive for wolf spiders to come near the home.

The home may have vulnerabilities such as cracks and gaps in the walls or foundation, which allow wolf spiders and other pests to enter the home. Any pest control prevention program will look to address these issues. Finally, your pest control specialist will let you know of any other measures that need to be implemented in order to ensure that the home is protected for an extended duration.

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