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Can Sources Of Cockroach Allergens Be Found In Homes That Have Been Free Of Roach Pests For Years


Can Sources Of Cockroach Allergens Be Found In Homes That Have Been Free Of Roach Pests For Years

Cockroaches are more than just nuisance pests that are disgusting to look at, as cockroaches carry dozens of disease-causing microorganisms due to their habit of congregating within filthy areas, such as outhouses, sewers, garbage receptacles, landfills, and dirty drains. In addition to smearing dangerous pathogens on indoor surfaces and human foods, indoor cockroaches leave droppings, urine, egg cases and shed skins within homes. These cockroach byproducts also contain a plethora of pathogens, and they frequently contaminate stored food items.

For more than 30 years, it has been well understood by entomologists and urban pest control professionals that the shed skins, feces, egg cases and urine of cockroach pests collect in homes where the serve as indoor allergens. In fact, many experts now believe that cockroach allergens may be the most significant type indoor allergens, as multiple studies have demonstrated that children living in homes where cockroach allergens are abundant develop asthma at disturbingly high rates. In order to avoid cockroach allergens, it is important to thoroughly sanitize indoor areas that were known to be infested with roaches.

While it’s obvious that cockroach allergens exist within homes where cockroaches are, or were active, cockroach allergens are usually abundant in homes that have been free of cockroach pests for a long period of time. This is because the proteins that are responsible for cockroach allergies are also present on the bodies of dead cockroaches and the fecal material, egg cases, and shed skins left in homes by past roach invaders. Dead roaches and their byproducts within wall voids, beneath floors and other inaccessible areas within homes that cannot be readily sanitized. Therefore, pest management professionals frequently remove walls in order to eliminate sources of cockroach allergens. For example, one professional stated that he frequently finds roach feces 6 inches deep at the base of wall voids.

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