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Bees in Chimney: What Should You Do?

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We all love our fireplace! But there are a few pesky creatures who love your fireplace too, such as the bees. Bee-lieve us, the prime time for bee activity is late summer and early fall. As the days get warmer, bees will start to collect food and find a cozy warm place to survive the winter. Although bees can sneak into your home through many available ways, their most favorite spot is the chimney.

If your fireplace is open and hasn’t been clean for a long time, the chances are high that a swarm of bees could take up occupancy in your chimney.

But, how do you find if bees have set up their shop in your chimney, and what should you do?

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How to Spot Bees Infestation in your Chimney?

The first thing you will notice is bees flying in the windows, around the chimney, or up near the skylights as bees are drawn to the natural light.

The next way to see dead insects or fur in the pit of your fireplace as the bees always have furs on their body. You can also identify bees by their round body shape.

If you suspect bees in your chimney, do not light up your fireplace as the beeswax is extremely flammable and could lead to an explosion. Moreover, the hot wax will eat through your masonry and grout, causing extensive damage.

What Should You Do?

If bees invade your chimney, do not panic. Instead, do follow these steps that will help you get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Close the Damper:The first step is to close your damper if you haven’t done it yet. This will prevent the bees from coming inside and fly their way down into your home. But before you do so, wear full protective attire to protect yourself from stings.
  • Maintain Distance:If you notice that there are bees nesting in your chimney, keep a safe distance from the area. Also, keep your family, especially the pets, children, and elders away from the site. Anyone who gets close to bee nests may end up provoking the bees, who will attack in self-defense.
  • Hire Professionals: Once you have identified bees, do not wait any longer and hire pest control professionals to get rid of the bee and clean the bee nest from the source. They are trained to remove the bees safely without harming them. Once this is done, consider hiring professionals to clean the chimney and remove honeycombs and all traces of honey, wax, and other leftover scents that may attract bees again.
  • Prevent Future Invasions: The next step is to prevent any further instances by repairing the chimney. Put a cap on top of the chimney. If required, replace the grout and close up any gaps in the masonry. Since bees hate the scent of citronella, burn candles in your fireplace regularly. Also, use soapy water to rinse your roof, gutters, and walls regularly to deter bees.

Wrapping Up

This blog has made it clear that smoking up the chimney is never an option to get rid of bees, as it can make the situation worse. Hire a pest control company to remove the bees without harming them as they are important for the planet. Professionals use the right insecticides to remove the bees from your fireplace. They will also ensure that the bees do not make a comeback. Call us today and have a bee-free environment in and around your home.


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