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How Residents Can Make Bed Bugs Easier For Pest Control Professionals To Manage

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Along with termites, German cockroaches, and many ant species, bed bugs are the most difficult insect pests to control. Termites are difficult to control because they cannot be readily observed, most ant pests are difficult to control because they live in colonies containing thousands of workers that often establish multiple indoor nests. Cockroaches and bed bugs are both difficult to control due to the resistance they have developed to most insecticide formulations. Insecticide resistance in certain insect pests is one of several reasons as to why insecticides are no longer the primary method of pest control. In recent years, many effective non-toxic pest control methods have been developed. For example, high-heat treatments have become the standard for bed bug control, and insect growth regulators have proven effective for controlling German cockroaches. When it comes to both cockroaches and bed bugs, infestations can sometimes be eliminated without the use of any insecticides, but when it comes to heavy infestations, a minimal amount of insecticide is sometimes used to supplement other control methods.

When bed bugs are found within homes, professional pest control intervention is almost always required, but this does not mean that homeowners don’t play a role. For example, before pest control professionals arrive at a home to perform treatments, it is important for homeowners to make sure that the interior living space is well sanitized and free of clutter. While bed bugs are not necessarily more partial to cluttered homes, bed bugs do tend to establish more extensive infestations within cluttered homes. This is because bed bugs use dirty clothes, boxes, papers, and other objects that litter indoor floors as hiding spots, or “harborages.” The number of bed bugs within infested homes usually correlates with the number of potential harborages within homes. It’s also important to use caulk or another sealant product to cover cracks, crevices and other potential bed bug entry points on walls where the pests are well known to establish harborages. Infestations become tremendously difficult to eliminate once bed bugs become abundant within wall voids. If bed bugs are already present within wall voids, sealing them inside will result in their eventual death. So no matter where in a home bed bugs have become established, sealing access to potential harborages will help to reduce population numbers, which will also make the job of pest control professionals much less complicated.

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