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Basic Termite Control Methods

Basic Termite Control Methods

Termites can cause serious damage as they eat wood but can also destroy insulation, paper, books, and filtration systems. They cause serious damage to trees and shrubs as well.

Termites that infest the homes can cause a serious emotional problem for the owners who are plagued by thoughts of termites feasting on their most serious investment.

Basic Termite Control Methods

Spring is the time when swarms of winged termites can be found inside homes. They swarm in order to disperse and create new colonies. The warm temperatures and rainfall can cause winged termites to fly into the air. The swarmers pair with mates and create new colonies in the soil. Swarmers that go indoors cannot eat wood while they do not survive in the environment.

However, their presence indicates an infestation in the environment.

Termite control involves the use of liquids and baits. Termicides can be used to develop a chemical barrier that prevents termites from entering buildings. Additionally, it can also result in the death of the termites. New materials are designed to kill termites as they have proven to be reliable and efficient in responding to termite problems.

Baiting is another approach in which baits that includes paper, cardboard, and palatable food with slow acting substance is used to kill termites. The baits can be placed in different areas below ground. They can also be placed indoors on tubes. The foraging termites will eat the bait and share it with the nest. This can reduce the numbers of termites in their colonies. Baits might be the best solution in some cases.

In other cases, baits can be used with liquid applications in order to create an optimum strategy to kill termites. Termite control needs to be initiated through proper assessment of the infestation. The use of multiple methods is often needed in order to ensure sound outcomes.

If you think that you might have termites, DO NOT try to take care of them yourselves. Call us immediately!

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