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AZ Termite Defense: Magic Pest Control uses Termidor


Magic Pest Control uses Best Termiticide for AZ Termite Protection.

Fighting az termites takes knowledge of their habits and scientifically formulated and tested termiticide.

Termidor boasts that it is not a termite repellent.  In fact they use the word ‘nonrepellent’.  They’re referring to the fact that Termidor is undetectable by termites.   Termites cannot see, smell, or taste this poison.  If they cannot detect it, they cannot avoid.  It’s crucial that one not use a repellant with termites.  To understand why it helps to learn a little more about termites.

First of all, termites will work at length to go around any termite repellent.  They are a hard working group and will avoid anything that gives them the sense it is poison.  Let’s imagine that you take a repellent and spray it all the way around your whole house.  Based on the previous statement one might think that should work.  After all, the termites will simply avoid the house…right?  No, not at all.  Remember, they’re hard working.  They’ll find a way around the repellant.  How? Well, the next thing you need to know about termites is that they are very small.  This means that they can fit in and create cracks anywhere.  they can dig around and underneath repellant that has been sprayed.

If your repellent claims to be almost undetectable, remember: almost, isn’t good enough.   Now assuming that you’re working with a “nonrepellent”.  The next step is for that termiticide to cause real damage to the termite horde.   It need to poison the whole colony.  Termidor has a special characteristic that makes it like a disease for termites.  They way it works is through something they call the “transfer effect.  First, several termite unwittingly cross the termidor path.  Then they act as carriers for a toxic disease.  The poison doesn’t kill them right away giving them time to walk back to the colony and spread the joy.  Having passed the poison on like a disease to the other az termites, they finally die off.  Those who are now carrying the poison then pass the poison on again.  This means that you not only kill the first and second group of infected termites, but you punish the entire colony.

How do you know if you have termites?  Well, that is hard to tell.  This is where Magic Pest Control can really save the day.  We offer free Termite Inspections.  Then, if you have a termite inspection use this money mailer coupon for a huge discount.  Regular treatments and inspections are wise.

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