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Avoid Stinging Pests in Arizona This Fall

Yes, we’re talking about Fall when it’s still 110-degrees outside, but it’s important to be prepared for Fall pests, especially here in Arizona.

We’ve been talking a lot about termites, and in the Fall termites become a big nuisance, wreaking havoc on Arizona homes, particularly around Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek and the East Valley.

In the Fall, pests like wasps, bees and termites tend to get a bit grumpy. I know you’re shaking your head, but it’s true. They’ve been working hard all through the summer to keep the queen and her babies happy and healthy. In the Fall, it’s time to move, relocate and find food…

Which could mean more termites and bees and wasps in your neighborhood, especially this year. With the humid and wet monsoon season we’ve had, termites, bees and wasps will be on the move.

At the end of summer and beginning of Fall, which is what we’re coming into, birds, snakes and lizards start to hoard food. They began to get ready for the winter, when food will be tougher to find.

This means that birds, snakes and lizards will be on the hunt for termites, bees, wasps and everything else they can get their hands on…

This is another reason why termites, bees, wasps and everything else will be on the move…to stay safe.

If you think you might have termites migrating to your home, don’t try to deal with these pests yourself. They can cause far too much damage. Call in a Magic Pest Control expert!

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